Organic Two Cereal Choco-Balls

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Chocolate flavoured Corn and rice cereal balls

Organic and superbly delicious virchuous chocoballs will make breakfasts an event to look forward to by children. And thats exactly what we aim at. Delicious, Nutritious, Organic breakfasts for all packed with the goodness of corn and rice flour.

Know your ingredients better

Fresh, juicy, organically grown corn harvested from the environmentally sustainable fields in the North of Italy are what goes into the making of this whole grain, natural breakfast in the form of crisp flakes.
Grown in sprawling rice fields, these rice kernels are rich in its constituents and add to the value of the pillows.
Coffee Beans
Carefully selected Cocoa Beans lend an inimitable flavour and taste of chocolates. The cultivation is strictly under organic conditions and using fair farming and fair pricing policies.

  • Product Features

    Whole Grain
    No Genetically Modified Ingredients
    Low Fat
    Low Sodium
    Made with corn and rice flour
    Flavoured with organic cocoa powder
    100% Italian Cereal
    Free From Artifical Dyes
    Free From Soy
    Free From Egg
  • Ingredients

    Corn flour* (32,1%)
    Rice flour* (32,1%)
    Cocoa powder* (4,2%)
    Glucose syrup*
    Natural flavouring.
    *Certified Organic
  • Nutrition Facts per 100g

    Energy kJ - 1643
    Energy Kcal - 388
    Fats - 2,2
    Of which saturated fatty acids - 0,8
    Carbohydrates - 84,3
    Of which sugars - 20,5
    Fibre - 2,3
    Protein - 6,5
    Salt - 0,3

Our organic and gluten free commitment

  • All Virchuous cereal are certified 100% Organic, means they are grown from genetically unmodified seeds (GMO Free) in a ‘chemical free and environment friendly’ manner.
  • Many Virchuous Cereal are certified Gluten-Free and made from Whole Grains. Whole grains contain all the essential parts and naturally-occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed in their original proportions. 
  • No synthetic chemicals have been used as fertilizers or pesticides during the growth of these crops.
  • Crops are responsibly grown in the most nature friendly environment which maintains the natural ecosystem of the planet.

It all starts with selecting the best variety of genetically un-modified corn and lovingly nurtured with highest standards of organic farming .
Cereals manufactured and packaged in certified facility authorised by the respective Certification Bodies governing their Gluten Free and organic nature.
In case of our G-F products, evaluation and Testing is done to verify that the product is free from gluten and hence safe for those who would.
Solar Energy is used, as our main source of energy with a photovoltaic system. Our pledge is to be a responsible food manufacturer in every way.


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