Do YOU need to go Organic

do you need to go organicPeople are making choices about food all the time. Some decisions are made on taste, some on price and some on health. To go Organic or not is a question that many people face, who are partly aware of what organic food essentially means. Let us help you with more information. The choice eventually is yours.

Very simply put, Organic is chemical free. Organic farming starts with seed choice. Essentially genetically unmodified ( GMO – free) seeds are chosen to be sown, Hence the crops are what nature designed for us.

Then comes fertilization of soil. Definitely no chemical or sludge water is used for this process. The most natural organic manure is used or the process of ‘crop rotation’. Some plants are used by the farmer to replenish the soil its nutrients which have been uptaken by the previous crop. This is the most natural method of fertilizing the soil so it is nutrient dense back again and ready to support the next lot of plants seeds sown in it.

During the entire growth cycle no use of chemical pesticides, weedicides or herbicides is allowed. ‘Primitive’ methods are used to avoid pest infestation and crop spoilage. Allow us to share that by  not using modern chemicals there is a crop loss to the farmer, and yet they are ready to absorb this.

Further no sprays are used during warehousing, transporting and storing at the retailers.

Besides all of this, organic farming leaves the soil better than it was taken.

So, Organic products are grown in environmentally friendly ways, without toxic or persistent agricultural chemicals. Organic agriculture is a production method that emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality.


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