Soil Basics

Soil BasicsAnd an important aspect of organic farming is avoiding the great pesticide dump in our soils and water resources. The planet is a perfectly running ecosystem with everything running in a perfect balance. The interdependence and interactions between different living things and between the biotic and abiotic factors were in perfect proportions. Till humans started scientific advancement. And we have polluted the earth soils, water and air. Pesticide dump is one of the greatest cause of it. The pesticides when poured over the plants, enter into the soil and get accumulated there. Further they get leeched in the water table and also get washed into the river, lakes and eventually sea. These pesticides then get into a cycle of their own contaminating living organisms directly and indirectly.

Did you know more than Tens of Billion pounds of pesticides are used every year.

Lets look at the statistics of just one country. The EPA reported that 4.9 billion pounds of pesticide products were used in the United States in 2001, which is equivalent to 4.5 pounds per person. Approximately 888 million pounds of active ingredients and 600 different chemical compounds were included in these pesticides.

Chemical pesticides that are non-biodegradable and persistent stay in the soil forever. These billions of pounds of fertilizers that are sprayed on the crops get deposited in the top soil (uppermost layer), move down to the mid layers of the soil and slowly leech into the water resources. They not only ‘pollute’ the soil, they pollute the natural water bodies, which are then ingested by the fish. Now picture this. The chemicals move from smaller fish to bigger fish, get redeposited in the water. And through the water cycle part of it moves back to the soil.


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