Progress Backward

progress backwardsIf there is one factor that can be singled out as ‘prominently responsible for our health – good or bad”, then it is ….what we eat. Our health, most times is practically a reflection of what we eat. Food not just fills our bellies but over years of life manifests into our well-being or absence of it. And yet ironically, our food choices are moving from “Health & Taste” to “Taste & Ease & Health”.

When it comes to food, scientific progress has worked against us. The old traditional agriculture styles have been replaced by newer progressive methods, which increases yield manifolds, and betters the look & feel of the produce. That’s great news but all this at what cost?

Food today, looks better, stays longer, is cheaper but what the sellers forget to mention is the ‘true price we are paying for cheaper food. Are we damaging our health slowly by eating these foods ? Are we slowly corrupting, polluting and irrepairably depleting this planet, leaving behind an abused planet to our children and grand children?

When it comes to food we need to ‘PROGRESS BACKWARD’.

Lets go back to the old school farming techniques, for the sake of our future health, and for the sake of our future generations.


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