Conventional Farming

old farmerConventional Farming (Not Organic) methods start with selecting the seeds to be sown and almost always Genetically modified seeds are chosen. What are Genetically Modified Organisms GMO. Lets understand GMO the way it should be understood, in totality and in isolation.

The universe was made perfectly self-sustainable, like a perfect mathematical formula. Everything that was created in terms of living and non-living things had a perfect equation like quality. The no. of animals of a particular species, the climatic factors of a geographic region, the flora to fauna ration. The exact impact of the abiotic world was in perfect sync with the biotic world.

Lets take an example of an orange tree. An orange tree was ‘designed’ to grown in special soils, with special features. There was a ‘logic’ to every detail, the no. of seeds in the fruit, the ratio of fruit to leaves, the natural pollination and cross pollination processes that  the tree would depend on, the size of the fruit, the thickness of the rind, it’s susceptibility to pests and worms, it’s ‘life’ on the tree and off the tree. Every detail was naturally designed to clockwork precision.

Now, advancement in farming methods in the last 80 years, gave us the prerogative of choosing features we desire in our crops. And hence we developed orange trees species which have lesser leaves, more fruits, lesser or no seeds, taller trees,  sweeter, deeper orange colour for the rind with reduced blemishes and specks,  and so on.

How was this possible? Unnatural, man-created ‘cross pollination’ between species which would otherwise never have cross pollinated and a forceful integration of genes to create a final species with ‘desirable characteristics’ and remove ‘undesirable ones’. In short ‘Gene-Tampering’.

Now please note that such Genetically Engineered food is not ‘nature made’ but ‘lab designed’.

Facts about farming, we should all know

Lets look at modern agriculture methods and how it impacts us.

Now the genetically modified seeds, with all ‘desirable characterisitics, visually more appealing and created to increase yield, are sown in the soil. This soil is depleted of it’s natural minerals and has been majorly treated with weedicides hence to ‘enhance’ the soil chemicals are added, and these are termed as chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers are meant to ‘spruce up’ the soil, but have quite a contrasting effect. They tend to kill the flora in the top soil and subsoil. The normal flora in the soil is healthy for the soil and good for the crops. These chemical fertilizers also tend to get absorbed by the plant through the normal process of uptake of water and nutrients through the root system into the shoots and spread through all the parts of the plant.

Next comes the onslaught of weedicides. Weedicides are either introduced before the seeds or sown or after. In both cases the weedicides of convenience are chemicals again. They prevent the growth of unwanted plants, thus improvising yield and giving more oxygen and space for the crop to grow.

The worst is yet to strike yet. The next attack is directly on the leaves, fruit, flowers, the parts that we would end up eating, and so would our children, and our elders and even the not-so-healthy population. It’s called the ‘Not so benign pesticides’, meant  to keep pests away. Pesticides are so toxic and harmful to the pests that even a small concentration of the chemical kills them. Pestcides are sprayed on the plants manually by men wearing masks.

My big question to you is…. “What isn’t safe for pests and not safe to be breathed in, how can it be safe to  be ingested by a human, young or old, sick or healthy ?

Should you  read the above lines again you would shudder to think what we put back in the soils of the planet and our waterways with conventional farming. Chemicals that are foreign to their ecosystem and many times, they are Non-biodegradable. Irreparable damage to the top soil, and the waters all across the globe. It  is interesting to note that the chemical dump does not limit itself to the concerned geography but by nature of things being interconnected, they get carried far and deep and even get recycled. From earth to the waterways, and circulate in the water cycle path, with no way to get ‘disposed’.

Should we continue farming this way for another decade, can you imagine how laden the environment would be with these pesticides ? 5 Billions of pounds of pesticides are manufactured and used every year in the US alone. Should the figures be extrapolated to world figures, they amount to ‘mountains’ of pesticides getting dumped on earth.

The direct effects of this are visible but the indirect repercussions are multifold and at this point in time unimaginable.


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