100% Organic Dark Chocolate with Coffee

Virchuous 100% Organic Dark 90% FairTrade


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Dreamily Smooth

This milk chocolate is an icon of super indulgence. Brilliantly crafted by years of chocolate experience our chocolatiers knew the exact proportions and recipe to make a milk chocolate an outstanding experience.

The fact that all ingredients are 100% organic makes it doubly delectable and an object of desire. 

Know your ingredients better

Fresh Organic Milk, from Swiss Cows which are nurtured in the most natural, environment, amongst green meadows over the hills is our main ingredient in making this chocolate.
Puruvian Cocoa Beans
Carefully selected Puruvian Cocoa Beans from the plains of Peru lend an inimitable ‘virchuous flavour’ to our chocolates. The cultivation is strictly under organic conditions and using fair farming and fair pricing policies.
Organic to the last grain, our sugar travels all the way from Paraguay to be a part of this chocolate and offer the right amount of sweetness amounting to 100% organic and 100% brilliant chocolate.


  • Product Features

    Original Classic Milk
    100% Organic
    Gluten Free
    Swiss Made
    No Genetically Modified Ingredients
    Peruvian Organic Cocoa Beans from
    Organic Milk from Swiss Dairy Farms
  • Ingredients

    Whole milk powder*
    Cocoa butter*
    Cocoa mass*
    Emulsifier (soya lecithin)*
    Minimum solids in the chocolate: cocoa* 30%, milk* 25%.
    *Certified Organic
  • Nutrition Facts per 100g

    Energy (kJ/100g) - 2,300
    Energy (kcal/100g) - 551
    Fat - 33.3g of which saturates 20.4g
    Carbohydrates - 53.5g of which sugars 52.2g
    Protein - 8.0g
    Salt - 0.25g
    Trans fat - 0.4 g
    Cholesterol - 27.4 mg

Our Organic Commitment

100 % Organic, Premium finish chocolate is a commitment from farm-fresh ingredients to factory manufacturing with the best chocolatiers of the world.
Recipes have been created and recreated, worked upon relentlessly till we were finally satisfied with them. And thats what comes to you packaged neatly in a box. One bite and you will be able to see through our high quality organic ingredients, our maitre-de-chef’s persistence for perfection and distinct, inimitable ‘virchuous’ taste.


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