Values & Goals

valuesgoalsAs a company our greatest value that we care about is ‘Love and Respect’. While we are a team with strong ambitions, the one thing that gets passed around easily and abundantly is the value of Love and Care’. Should you walk into any of our offices, production plant, farms or interactions with our distributors you will witness this one feeling dictating all our actions.

And unlike popular belief we see that this only helps us ascend faster and we also believe that the feeling of warmth and respect flows through our products and reaches our customers, helping us grow faster so we can serve more people in more nations.

Our Top Management comprises of like-minded people especially when it comes to food and life at large. We believe that it some arenas of life we need to ‘Progress Backward’, and that the old school was the best thought.

Our goals are

  • To engage and develop partnerships with responsible companies, and together we make a difference to the planet that we have lived in, and our children will live in.
  • To make a difference (however small and insignificant it may seem) to the planet and attempt to leave atleast a part of it better than how we found it
  • To positively affect the lives of the farmers whose produce is sold as our brand
  • To lead the small but growing population of ‘Responsible Food Companies’


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