Corporate Responsibility

CSRIf every single profit making company in the world would take upon itself it’s share of social responsibility, we would have won atleast half the battle of making the world a ‘less unfair’ place to live in. AlphaNexa is one company which is very conscientious of everything that we do. Our employees are encouraged to do their bit towards the reduction of global issues such as Global warming by making it a minimal paper workplace, car-pooling, avoiding wasteful lights, wise disposal of waste and thrash. This is at the level of the corporate office and our HR calls it ‘Resource Conservation’, but here the world resource is used for the planets resources and not an employee.

Organic farming is all about Resource conservation, about keeping the planet the way we found it.

We go further with the manufacturing facilities. The facilities where our chocolates are manufactured are eco-friendly production continually striving to improve their environmental performance and reduce consumption of resources such as energy and water. Solar energy generating units are used to reduce electricity consumption and in turn reduce existing CO2 emissions.

Deeply entrenched in our minds and hearts is the case of the farmers. It is almost ironical that the hand that feeds us and keeps us healthy hasn’t enough to eat or stay healthy. We make a small attempt to work towards that. Organic farming protects the farmers from harmfulchemicals and also protects their families who live around the farms from the harmful effects of fertilizers and pesticides.

Also the farmers get paid more ‘fairly’ for their organic produce. While we realise that it is a small effort, but many such small efforts will some day inspire a big wave.


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